I stole Dan for a few minutes so we could talk about how cool that Metal Gear gameplay looked.


Worst Behavior

My buddy Rob makes some amazing videos at GameSpot that don’t get enough love. I adore his latest one - a nostalgic romp with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. 

Also he’s on twitter: @RobertHandlery

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QuestionDo you have any idea why FIFA typically comes out like a month after the league seasons have started? I'm still looking forward to FIFA 15 but my max excitement level for the game was when the Premier League and La Liga kicked off. Just curious if you've ever heard EA's reasoning for the release date. Thanks Danny! Answer

No idea, though I bet it involves a bunch of boring people in suits with graphs. Maybe it takes a few weeks for people to get back into the swing of the football season. There might also be tax/business/licenscing reasonzzzzzzz…..



More Hatoful Content, courtesy of Danny O’Dwyer. It shows off a lot more of what insanity this game has to offer, as well as Mr. O’Dwyer’s plummet into his own insanity.

It also has the scenes that Dan skipped in the QL.

Also, there is Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6. Yes. Really.

Oh whoops, there’s also a Part 7

No offense to Dan and the GB Quick Look, but I think this is some essential fuel for the O’Dwyer fire.

ramagamma Asked
QuestionHey Danny, just wondered given that you are part of the games industry what games media you consumed back in the day? Did you buy games magazines and of course did you watch the Gamemaster TV show, the highlight of our hobby in 90's uk media? Answer

I was a huge PC Gamer UK fan first. I picked up Gamesmaster and OPM a few times but usually for demo disks and specials. When my family got dial-up I chose GameSpot over IGN because it looked nicer. I was a frequent visitor for about a decade before I joined the sites staff.

And yea Dominik Diamond was a brilliant host, carried that show.

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QuestionLook up chinese roast pigeon (it might be squab) and see if you can score some the next time you eat at an asian restaurant. It's pretty good. Answer

I am making an actual note of this. Thank you internet human!

QuestionYou ever eaten pigeon? I know it's a French delicacy, or something. I read about it in a book I think? Answer

I dunno, I could have actually. I ate a lot of bird during my times in France, Germany and Austria. If it had come up I’d likely have chosen it. Sadly I’ve a terrible memory for that type of stuff.

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QuestionPigeons eat worms and shit. Get off your herbivorous high horse O'Dwyer Answer

Worms ain’t meat. They’re made of string.

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QuestionHi Danny, have you played FIFA on the old gen consoles? Wondering if you think they are comparable with the current gen ones (ie: Madden 15 for 360/PS3 are missing a whole bunch of features that are found in the current consoles) Answer

Yea last year’s version certainly had omissions of which I was pretty critical HERE IS MY REVIEW OF IT but it seems like they’re adding most of them back in this year. We’ll see, wait for the review. I’m not doing it this year, but it should be up in a week or so I guess.