QuestionHi! I dropped out of F1 gradually after Villeneuve's retirement, but your podcast really got me back into it. Everybody seems to be particularly stoked about the canadian GP. Living near montreal, it really makes me want to see some live F1 drivin'. What do you find particularly interesting about that circuit? Answer

For whatever reason, it’s always puts on a good show. Perhaps it’s the frequent chance of rain, or the straight since DRS was introduced. Or perhaps it’s just got a bunch of fantastic corners, and isn’t as stupidly wide as modern tracks. Hell maybe my love of the track is entirely based on the 2011 race there. If that is true, I make no apologies!

It’s a tough one to visit because the island doesn’t cater for that many spectators, but if you have the funds make sure you head over. Or at the very least watch it with friends or F1 fan stragers.

QuestionHi! I just want to say thanks to you and Drew for Alt+F1. I'm 20, and as I'm growing up and trying to define my identity (particularly in the wake of a breakup I thought I'd never get over) I've found it hard to find anything I care much about anymore. But I idly clicked play on your first episode and found myself entranced. Thanks to you guys I found something fresh and exciting that has nothing to do with who I used to be. After your show and the Chinese GP I'm hooked! Answer

The power of sport eh? Any passion worth having is a passion worth sharing, and I’m glad we could be a gateway for you to enjoy something new.  

And don’t worry, the happiest people I know are the ones who don’t worry about defining themselves. Life is far more interesting when you just roll with it.

(PS: watch Bahrain!)

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QuestionHey Danny, thanks for the advice with regard to getting a job in the games journalism business. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer a question you're probably sick of hearing. Not many people would do that! You're a sound fella and genuinely one of my favourite journalists who constantly makes top notch videos so just keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep on watching. Cheers! Answer

Dozens of people, many of whom I work with today, were always eager with advice for me when I was in your situation, so I’d feel like a real piece of shit if I didn’t do the same. Justin Calvert, Ryan MacDonald, Guy Cocker, Vinny, Jeff and countless others behind the scenes gave me the time of day when I asked it. They still do.

Say what you want about this industry, but it’s full of wonderful people. Mostly people who are humbled and grateful to work in it. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors mate, I just know how hard it is.

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QuestionHey Danny, aspiring game journalist from Ireland here. I'm just wondering how you would advise someone to get a job in games journalism but in Ireland? Ireland is really slim-pickings for getting jobs in games journalism :( I'm already part of a US indie site that does game news but I don't get paid for it. It's a great hobby, I've learned some brilliant skills and met wonderful people but I'd like to turn my hobby into a profession. Any wonderful tidbits of wisdom for a young fella like myself? Answer

Move to London and try and get a job for a games website or at the very least get steady, paid freelance work. If you’re not willing to do that, then try something else. It’s only getting harder to break into this line of work, especially if you’re only writing.

I’d love to be able to say there is an easy road to a bright future in this work - especially coming from Ireland, but there isn’t. I gambled everything on getting into this line of work, and even then it took years and a great deal of good fortune to get my break. You need to try and make yourself the most employable mother fucker in the world. You need to be better and cleverer than everyone - and even then it’s a turkey shoot.

To get to that point, practice, work with others, and get your work into the faces of those who will give you a monthly wage. If all of this sounds like too much to sacrifice without a guaranteed reward, then keep it as a fun hobby.

Best of luck mate. If you need any more specific help shoot me an email or another message.

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QuestionHey Danny, in your opinion what is the worst Gaming related website around nowadays and why is it Kotaku? Answer


Your #1 source for paid-for content, misinformation and click-bait. 

Spent the past two days driving around Yosemite. My god, this place.

  1. Camera: SONY NEX-3N
  2. Aperture: f/14
  3. Exposure: 1/100th
  4. Focal Length: 22mm
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QuestionHi Danny, really loving the Alt-F1 podcast as well as the times you were on UPF (which makes me want to watch other stuff you're involved in). Not really a question, but wanted to let you know it's refreshing to hear someone liking the living in the US, as I'm planning on doing that myself despite the general consensus being that it's a dumb move. Keep up the great work! Answer

I adore it here. I don’t know many people who don’t like it at least, but I do think I love California more than the median. I’ve wanted to life here my whole life, and there are so many day-to-day aspects of daily life that I find stupidly exciting. The heat from the sun, the land, the views, the diversity, how clever and open people are. I’m like a kid in a candy store (sweet shop - yes my grammar is changing) here and I love it. Plus having a podcast I contribute to on Giant Bomb and sitting on that couch is a dream come true. Not to mention I get to work for GameSpot and host a weekly live show. It’s crazy. I’m certainly over the honeymoon period though - the next phase is about really killing it and pulling the audience back in. Earning them back.

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QuestionNext I better see you in that Royal Rumble O'Dwyer! GameSpot needs to represent! Answer

You should probably start spamming John Drake and Eric Pope immediately.

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QuestionI watched some EFMS. Were you inspired by Charlie Brooker at all? I noticed some similarities in the way you present and how it's put together. Answer

Yes absolutely. Screenwipe was a massive influence on those shows. He presents with a very honest tone and mixes voice over and camera segments really well. There were a number of influences, but his work was probably the most prevelant. Especially as he started out in the games press!

Sitting on stage with the guy who made me wanna do this stuff.

PAX is awesome. Thanks Rich.

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