QuestionDid 2K say anything about a PC version of WWE2k15? In the Roster Reveal they showed PC boxart. If you can't say anything specific about it feel free to respond with an ambiguous gif. Answer

Nothing about it. They only had the PS4 version playable there.

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QuestionWhich is the best FIFA of all time? (Hint; it's FIFA '98) Answer

If you discount all the new ones, yea totally. But we’d have killed for footy games of this quality back then. We’re spoiled today with both PES and FIFA games.

QuestionI'm about to send a GB mailbag from Scotland. Anything you want/need? Marmite? Brown Sauce? Answer

Fuckin Tunnock’s Tea Cakes man.

Nothing like that over here I don’t think. The duders will love em!

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QuestionWas quite envious when I saw that you got a trip to the WWE Performance Centre for the WWE 2K15 coverage... until you mentioned that two hours sleep thing. Great video though and I liked how you overcame the restrictive footage issue. Also, I marked out to Cesaro's explanation of how Sheamus beat him. Answer

Thanks mate. It’s not that easy to do a legit video preview about a game when they don’t give you any bloody gameplay. Considering we turned it around in a day I’m happy enough with it.

And in retrospect the two hours sleep was mostly self inflicted.
Orlando is a crazy town.

Yo I went to Orlando, played WWE 2K15 and interviewed a bunch of HUGE DUDES.

Rob does it again. This shit is so funny.

Close your eyes. Enjoy. xxx

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QuestionDepression sucks and we all have our ways to deal with it. Mania is wild and energetic, and anxiety is the worst. I can't handle it, I feel like a hole is being dug into my stomach. You've dealt with depression, I really appreciate all you've done. But for people like me and my friend theirs another dark side to depression. I suppose you couldn't understand. My mania burns lot's of bridges. I feel like this is all related, the anxiety, the depression and the mania. Answer

Sorry to hear it friend. To all of us, our issues, whether they be depression or anxiety or whatever, feel like the largest mountain to climb in our lives. I’m fortunate that my summit was lower than many others, but at the end of the day the only way any of us get better is by talking to be people. Get to a doctor, and if that doctor is shit, get another one. Try meds, try meditation, try whatever.

And if you feel like you can’t, that’s fine. You can try again tomorrow.

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QuestionYou're randomly generated. Answer

Aren’t we all?

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QuestionHave you ever sung "Let's all go to the Lobby" (ala Mr. Burns in the Simpsons) in the Gamespot office to get your co-workers into the studio for the show? Answer

We literally play that song for the 15 minutes before every show goes live. On the stream!