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QuestionJust wanted to say that you and Drew do a great job with ALT+F1. I grew bored with F1 years ago, and am starting to finally get back into it thanks mostly to you two. Also is F1 2013 worth giving a go even if you've only really played arcade type racing games? Answer

Thanks mate, Yea I adore F1 2013. Codemasters are pretty good at finding the sweet spot between playability and realism. It’s not that hard to get to grips with.



"Only in the hood"


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QuestionI'm 18 and at that point in my life now where I kind of have to decide where I go next. I have a place at a university but it's really not appealing to me as a prospect. I have a freelance job writing for online and my final goal is to do something similar to what you do or just basically to have a sustainable career in that area. Should I defer uni and keep going with my freelance thing and also get a second job on the side or should I just man up and go to Uni? Answer

Do whatever you want really - hey don’t take advice from internet people! But since you asked, go to uni. Freelancing is not something you need actual spare time for at all, you make time for it. If it doesn’t feel worth the energy when you have a full schedule, that’s life telling you to stop. Go to uni, continue freelancing if you want, and learn to carry a workload. Uni is about more than what’s in the books, you’ll grow in other ways that are unforeseen and often more important.

Plus that “point in your life now” - sorry to have to tell you this, but you’ll never not be in that point. I’m in that point right now mate. The best thing you can do for the maelstrom of decision making that is life, is give yourself options. Those who bet it all on one horse, usually end up stuck. And fuck that. Have a plan B, it’ll give you a reason to chase A.


Games websites, prepare your tributes.

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QuestionArsenal for the league? If you manage to snag Khedira, that's looking like a monster of a team. Answer

Right? What a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to see them play together.

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Question£71m for Rodriguez, £75m for Suarez. One had a great world cup and the other will get you 20 goals a season (if he isn't suspended) but is it just me or is the transfer market getting silly again, inflated by the two Spanish giants (and Man City) paying way over the odds. Answer

Yea, it’s been silly for about a decade now. For me the canary died when Liverpool payed 35 million for Andy Carroll. I mean, for fuck sake.

QuestionIs there going to be a pre-Hungarian GP Alt+F1, or only the post- show, somewhere in the desert between it and Spa? Answer

We recorded the pre-Hungary podcast this morning. We’ll do a post-show next week - before I shoot off to Europe for a few weeks.

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QuestionHave you seen the big trees of California? I guess it's weird thing to be proud of, but I have lived my whole life growing up around big ass redwoods (I'm from Humboldt County) and walking around these woods is really great, really calming. Answer

I saw some in Marin County and some others in Yosemite, but not the big impressive Redwoods yet. Honestly though even the woods in The Presidio are fascinating to me. I run there pretty frequently, and down towards Baker Beach (where we shot the No Man’s Sky video pieces).

The funny thing about Ireland is that we don’t really have many forests at all. We have trees, but not in such density. I learned the English burned down quite a lot of them, as Irish rebels used to use them to hide and attack from, but generally Ireland is just more a farming land country. So the smell and coolness of exploring the woods is something I love here, and something I hope to do more of. Including your beautiful Redwoods.