This time tomorrow….IT BEGINS!

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QuestionI know the real answer is arsenal, but if I had to choose between man city and stoke city, which team would you choose? Both are fun words to say. Answer

Ugh…really? One purchased everything they’ve achieved in the modern game and the other is a leg breaking academy.

If you want a cool name go for Aston Villa or Leyton Orient.

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QuestionDear Dwyery, how should an American decide which Premier League team to follow? Is there a Sorting Hat for the EPL? Thanks! Answer


Tomorrow on The Lobby we play Sunset Overdrive, Just Dance 3, The Legend of Korra and F1 2014. As long as Pastor Maldonado doesn’t crash the stream.

2PM Pacific on!

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QuestionI was just playing a FIFA match as Arsenal against Man City, on Professional difficulty. 0-2 down, I rage quit and spilled my water bottle out of anger towards this stupid game. How do I become less of a scrub? Answer

Don’t keep water next to your games.

QuestionAre you going to the PlayStation convention in Las Vegas? Answer

Never even heard of it. So no. 

BlizzCon is on real soon though! 

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QuestionI just saw Jeff's videos and that construction is literally making things violently shake on desks - how insane is it to work when you're constantly vibrating? Is it just like playing Rez? Answer

Yea it’s so dumb - they’re doing some subterranean work stuff for the trans-bay terminal and it’s making the entire building vibrate at various degrees of awfulness. Right now it’s not, but when it does it’s the worst. Especially today’s frequency. Makes all the glass shake hard. 

So yes, they are trance vibrating CBSi so hard right now.

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Questionapathy towards a situation in which people are forcing women out of the industry and in some cases urging them to kill themselves is not clever and i'm disappointed to hear you say that thats the best policy Answer

First of all I never said that, but if you’re referring to the somewhat even hand I display on here sometimes, then I should probably explain.

There is a difference between telling people how strongly I feel about something and understanding that other people need to get there themselves. I am not apathetic towards this situation in the least. But personally I believe screaming at people about what they should think does nothing other than to reinforce how they feel. 

Sometimes that looks like I’m sitting on the fence, or trying to placate people, and I’m sorry if it upsets anyone when it does. But it’s like an alcoholic in the family. Telling them their wrong will just make them retreat further inside and continue the cycle. I want them to change and see the error of their ways, but ultimately that can only happen from within. So the best thing to do is allow them the space to get there themselves. 

I don’t expect everyone to agree, especially as I’m in what some consider a “position of influence” but honestly I can’t be anyone else. My mindset is very much a bi-product of growing up in Ireland during the peace process.

I’ve adored this track for over a decade, but never more than right now.