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QuestionHey Danny, What do you think about the whole Zoe Quinn scandal, I can understand why you would not want to answer this question, in fact I would be very surprised if you posted your answer. After hearing these allegations about Zoe, how do you think this will impact journalist in the Gaming industry? Answer

It’s a massive load of internet bollox. The only way in which it’ll impact journalists is by making them feel like their audience are a raving pack of fucking morons. I swear to god it’s shit like this that make talented hard-working people throw up their arms and say “fuck it, what’s the point?”.

Suddenly we’re interested in who people allegedly fucked or didn’t fuck? What the hell has any of this to do with anything? The gaming community is no better than the british tabloids right now and if we’re not ashamed yet we should be.

To DOTA or not to DOTA
A documentary about DOTA and the people who play it.

A little something I’m working on. Probably a few weeks away. Here’s a clip!

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QuestionDid you ever go to raves? I have this hilarious image in my head of you in raver gear laying in a bean bag chair in a warehouse while someone goes up to you and says, "Are you okay? Do you need some water? I'm going to bring you water." and you just grinning and giving a thumbs up while saying "I'd love some water." FSOL - Papau New Guinea plays in the background. Answer

This is going to sound really arsey but it’s the truth, so whatever. My brother got me into dance music when I was pretty young, like twelve and thirteen. So by the time I was actually of age to go to raves and clubs, popular dance music was kind of shit. Or at least the shit that people my age were listening to was shit.

I grew up listening to dance in headphones with my eyes closed, so that scene didn’t necessarily appeal to me. I listened to dance at home a lot more, almost like meditation. I’ve never been into the drug scene around dance either. I guess I had already my method formulated by the time my peers were getting into it.

Also by the time I was a teenager I was getting into rock, punk and metal music a lot more. The crowd of teenagers that were getting into dance weren’t exactly the smartest bunch where I came from, so it was another reason to enjoy it alone. But it this way I spent a lot more time in pits at metal concerts.

FSOL 4 LYFE though.

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QuestionHave you ever told Chris Watters that he looks like Romain Grosjean? Answer

Yup, and he was totally shocked by how similar they looked.



Those of you who know me may be aware that mental health is a subject about which I am very passionate. After some recent consideration, particularly following the failings of the national press to report mental health issues such as Robin Williams’ death in a responsible or sensitive…

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QuestionDo you ever feel it is too bad there cannot be a "UK" National team in the World Cup as opposed to the England/Scotland/Wales stuff? I always feel bad because there's always a handful great players from Great Britain in the EPL (or wherever) that haven't gotten the shot they deserved, even nowadays guys like Gareth Bale probably won't make it too far on that level. Answer

Well no, the opposite would happen if you got rid of the national sides. There would be far less spaces for those who grew up wanting to play international football. Playing in a World Cup or Euros is only one part of playing for your country. Don’t feel sorry for Bale, he plays for one of the biggest sides in the world. A unified Ireland side though….that would be interesting. It works in the rugby!

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QuestionGenuinely curious: Does Gamespot as a whole view itself as a personality-based site? Because I feel like if it did the recent layoffs would've been presented in a more up-front way. The personalities are certainly what keep me specifically coming back but now I'm wondering what the site's personnel themselves think of Gamespot as being defined by. Answer

I think that’s probably the end goal, but we’re still in transition. As for the layoffs, there are a legal reasons why that stuff isn’t open to public. Also, it wouldn’t be fair on those leaving to broadcast it in a massive way. Chris did a great intro on last week’s The Lobby which touched on it. 

Ultimately though a site like website has several audiences and we need to service them all. For some, personality is important, but I dislike using reductive reasonings like that when it comes to something as complex as a large press outlet. That shit is for marketing people, it takes nuance to strike the right mood on a website, and though we’re not there now, I believe we’re getting closer.

QuestionEvery once in a while, you'll reference some heavy hitting hip-hop, and that's really dope! Was American hip-hop music prevalent back in Ireland, and what's the scene like there? Answer

There was a little, but not really. I’ve just always liked hip-hop and I’m pretty picky about what I listen to. If you want to hear some good Irish hip-hop, check out The Infomatics. I absolutely love their first album, it’s free to stream here:

THE CHASE is my favorite track. Check it out.

I’m really, really, really lucky to have this job. 

Also this dude is a total gent. 


Yo, FIFA 15 has a bunch of nice touches:

Battlefield Hardline is trying desperately to not be linear, it’s also a police brutality simulator: